Most of emails we receive are only about “how to study this?”, “how to solve these question”, “what should be my strategy for AIIMS”, “who should I consult”, “what approach I should opt for” and many more such question. One of the examples is like: “I have performed very well in my school exams; I have been told that I have great potential, but I have not yet boarded a Shatabdi Express to reach my goal quickly, what should I do?”
Mentoring is the existence of a gentle person who shapes a young person with support, guidance, companionship, strengthening and role-modeling over time.

There is only one suggestion in reply to such emails is: find a mentor or mentor-ship program!

I am not saying this because we are organizing such mentor-ship program; in fact it is fact, studies shows that most people who are successful have at least a mentor. Now if you are reading this blog then you can search about the successful people and role of mentorsin their life to be successful. I need not to place examples to prove my point.

In today’s scenario, a mentor can provide you an edge which sets you apart from your peer or your competitors. You might be working hard to reach your goal and are really desperate to kick start your career as a medico but something is holding you back. It is really beneficial for you to maintain a relationship with such a person who can give you knowledge, vision, care, direction and guidance. Getting a mentor has many benefits. A mentor can assist you in contracting your learning curve, broadens your mind to new ideas,thoughts and options, and lets you recognize the opportunities and how to convert them.

Need of Mentors: 5 Reasons

  1. Mentors are Motivating :

    Do you recall the folks you observed when you were young? The folks motivated you to need to dreams? Those you considered to become like one. Those people were your actual source of inspiration– those persons are the one who can become your role model. They hold a treasure of experience and have climbed up the ladder of career. They can inspire you to work hard to give you best. They can help you obtain your goals and fulfill your dreams. “A person whose hard work and achievements you admire can become your mentor.”

  1. Perspective and Experience:

    You can be benefited by the experience and perspective of your mentor. He/she can give you a different aspect about any situation, which differ from your own aspect, he help you integrate new situations and provide you insider’s view on how to do things or solve problems because a mentor has been there and done what you are trying to do. There may be a situation where you face a problem, or difficulty with any subject, then it is quite likely that your mentor has been there and can provide you a differ viewpoint from your own. Mentors are capable of pulling you out of your world and show you the actual and bigger picture. They can show you the ways to adjust the scenario in front of you.


  2. Accountability:

    Whenever you want to meet your mentor then make sure that you have completed the tasks which you discussed with them on your last meeting. A mentor teaches you to be accountable, responsible and answerable. You get a habit of being accountable for fulfilling your actions, then you work even harder in the enthusiasm of carrying out the tasks and seeing the results motivates to hold your-self accountable for your actions and to try your best to achieve what you thought previously to be impossible.


  3. Work Better:

    A good mentor helps you work more productively and efficiently with a better view of your prospect which you are trying to attain. This will make you more confidant in your studies, which leads to better performance and accomplishment in exam or your chosen road.


  4. Set and Attain Long-Term Goals:

    A mentor helps you set long term goals according to your capabilities and make sure that your focus does not fade away with time, because down the lane you may lose focus and can be diverted by pressure around. Mentors make sure that you have a career plan and teach you to maintain the day to day pressures. They keep your focus on what you have to attain and how.


What Can Your Mentor Do for You?

  • Your mentor can assist you navigate tricky situations you may face in your studies and can help you what to do about them. Whatever you’re going through, there’s a good chance he/she has been through the same thing or knows someone who has.
  • He can help you score well and introduce you to influential people in your field.
  • Your mentor can alert you to new career opportunities that only those in his/her position may be privy to.
  • He/she will know what skills will help you improve your studies better and can tell you how to acquire them.

How to find a Mentor

Now you know that what qualities you need to find in a mentor, there might be an urge to find one as soon as possible. But it is really tough to find a mentor which suits your needs and goal. No one is going to get you a mentor; you have to look for on your own.

Tips for finding a Positive Mentor

  • Pick a mentor whose goals are similar to yours.
  • Catch someone who is in the same field like you.
  • Choose a mentor who has enough knowledge and understanding for your doubts and for the relationship you maintain with him/her. He/she should be capable to solve the issues that arise. Do not forget to take the initial step to establish contact with your mentor because it is you only who will get benefited most from the relationship.
  • It is not a one sided relationship. Take some time and make sure you that you reach on time of the meeting. If your mentor asks you to meet before/after work then make yourself available.
  • Always honor your mentor. Do no disrespect him in any condition. Pay your mentor a tribute favor by mentoring someone who needs it from 

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” ― Plutarch
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