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One-liners section is for the rapid-review before the exam. This will be your eleventh-hour-Samaritan. Don’t forget to go through this a day before exam once you have gained adequate knowledge of Biochemistry. Assess yourself tables have been introduced to avoid the boredom that may arise when you read one-liners continuously. Hide the right-side of the table and try to answer. Most-common, Most-abundant, Pioneer scientists in Biochemistry and Biochemical tests are condensed information that I have made after spending so many hours. Use these sections to save your time. Solved AIIMS questions will show you how to approach a question in any exam and how to rule-out the incorrect options logically. In some questions, I have shown you how to derive the answer even if you don’t know the answer. YouTube video links are given for certain questions. This will take you to my YouTube channel – Biochemistry with Karthi where I’ve upload the exam-oriented videos. A word of caution: Don’t get distracted by other videos on YouTube. You have an exam to excel. Chapterwise review questions with explanations are quite important to build your concepts. Once you have completed a chapter from a textbook or after a class, try to solve the questions. If you don’t know the answer, refer to the explanations and the textbook reference I’ve mentioned. Questions are of high-standard and exam-oriented. Biochemistry with Karthi Facebook page is a way to contact to me and get to know the updates about the subject. I regularly post new and interesting questions in the page. To be honest, this book is primarily meant as a supplement. This is not an all-in-one solution for Biochemistry. So, I strongly suggest you to read any of the following textbooks. Text books I personally suggest: (any one) • Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry – 30th edition • Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry, 6th edition • Textbook of Biochemistry 8th Edition by D M Vasudevan S

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