PGMEE is a different ball game all together. No matter how brightly or fairly you have performed during your MBBS professional exams, preparing for and succeeding in MCQ based post graduate entrance exams requires a different strategy. You need to start early, select the right books, be consistent and keep revising at the same time managing your time well.
PGMEE is a different ball game all together. No matter how brightly or fairly you have performed during your MBBS professional exams, preparing for and ...

About AIIMS PG Entrance Exam:

  • 200 MCQs decide your fate in here.
  • Each question has equal importance and so even 1 mistake can cost your ranking dearly, where the ranks get decided by decimal of marks.
  • Each correct answer gives 1 mark, while a wrong answer carries a negative of 1/3 (0.33) marks
  • AIIMS is a medium to high scoring exam with score above 68% (136 net /200) being the bare minimum required to get your ranks in first 100.
  • The questions are a mixture of repeats and new ones. The new ones are usually around the same topics, directly being taken from standard text books.
  • Going by the current trend of questions, you might expect only a few direct repeats while majority of questions are from repeated topics, hence a correct & thorough knowledge about those topics is indispensable.

The candidates joining M.D./M.S./M.D.S. degree courses shall be called Junior Residents in the Clinical Disciplines and Junior Demonstrators in Basic Clinical Disciplines.

The number of seats available in each speciality for the July 2016 session is



a) A candidate must possess MBBS degree for MD/MS and BDS degree for MDS courses of a University recognized by the Medical Council of India/Dental Council of India and ought to have accomplished the required duration of 12 months compulsoryrotating Internship/Practical training on or before 30th July, 2015 [As per DCI endorsement No.DE-130-2011/B-4978, dated 13 December 2011 candidature will be as per DCI Revised BDS Course (4th Amendment) Regulation-2011 posted in Gazettee notification (Extraordinary) Part-III, Section-4, dated 9.12.2011]. Candidates who entire their internship after 30th July, 2015 are no longer eligible for Registration in this examination.

b) The candidate should have to  got a minimal of the following marks in aggregatein all the MBBS/BDS professional examinations

(i) Candidates belonging to the SC/ST Categories 50% marks in aggregate

(ii) For all other categories including OBC Category 55% marks in aggregate


After opening the website, the next step is Registration Using the Registration/Login an Applicant can navigate to the desired section of the site.


Many of you, may not know the difference between the AIIMS, and any other medical institutions of the country. I therefore thought of writing about it, to brief you, about the distinctions between the two. The ‘ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES’ is one of the most reputed medical institutes of the country. . Students from throughout the country crave to come to be a part of this quiteprestigious institution. But as I have already mentioned, only a few make their way through the aisle. The charisma attached to this institute, is attractive in its own way. Academically, AIIMS has occupied the top slot amongst all medical institutes. In a survey conducted by India Today, AIIMS has consistently conquered the top rank in the last 12 years. This extremely renowned institute has maintained in its history, its high quality treatment, while treating large number of patients, at very low cost, most of who live in extreme poverty.. It is consequently seen, that human beings from not only special parts of the country, but throughout the globe, come right here for clinical assistance. It is one of the leading medical centers of country, curing some of the rarest of diseases.
AIIMS holds its medical entrance every year for the intake of young aspirants. Students are needed to clear the entrance, set by way of its autonomousexamination council, to gather a full-fledged medical diploma from this college. Established in the year 1956, this medical institution is maintained autonomously by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Once you are here, you are under the supervision of the most brilliant and experienced faculty, to attain a scholarship in the field of medical sciences. The reputation of being an AIIMSonian has a truly different appeal. This institute, can carve out of you, a most refined, superior and excellent medical practitioner, of which, India is today in need of. You also have the privileges to be a part of a number of conferences of national and international importance. Since the number of intake is meager as compared to that of any other medical and non- medical institutes, of the country, each student is able to attain personal attention from their faculties.
It’s however not that once you are in AIIMS, you become alienated from all recreational sources. The institute organizes its cultural festival, in the month of September every year. This is a week-long celebration of extravaganza, where students get to celebrate and compete, their literary, cultural and curriculum sphere with universities from across the country. ‘Pulse’ is the name ascribed to this festival. So it’s not just academics that you acquire here but a lot more.


We have received a lot of queries about what should the aspirants choose between the new AIIMS and other medical colleges through AIPMT Exam. Students, after their years of hard work and preparation, are obviously confused whether they should take the AIPMT again or they should choose any of the new AIIMS colleges in various cities. It is frustrating for them to study again with the same patience, under the same pressure, and compete with the thousands of other aspirants again. But when it comes to your career, who’s afraid to take challenges?

We have tried to make an analysis of this situation considering the past trends, performance standards, facilities available and academic level of some of reputed and famous medical colleges.



Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
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