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Dr. Kiren George Koshy, RANK-1 in JIPMER 2015 & RANK-8 in AIIMS Nov 2015

Dr. Kiren George Koshy

I was inclined to the medical profession for as long as I can remember. There is no specific incident behind it.
Preparation during internship is all about prioritization and managing time. Revise whenever you can. Ideally, you should be well-versed with the subjects before internship begins.
I made notes for most subjects, but these were limited to 60 pages or so each. Very long notes defeat the purpose of last-minute revision.
During internship 3 or 4 hours maximum. After internship, 10 to 12 hours.
I did make a timetable, but I had to revise it regularly. Nevertheless, it is essential to have some sort of timetable.
I did mock tests online. Also, Wikipedia and radiopedia were useful for doubts.
Until the results were declared I did doubt my ability, my friends and teachers had greater confidence in me. And confidence is infectious.
Yes, I attended classes at IMA CME Trivandrum and satellite classes at DAMS Trivandrum. The classes were useful, mostly because you get a feel of the competition. Also, the class timetable gives you a sense of direction. Still classroom coaching is not essential to get a good rank if you are exceptionally motivated.
Yes I did all grand tests of DAMS. Attending a grand test series is highly recommended since it forces you to look at the big picture every month. A badly written grand test could be the best teacher you ever had.
Spm surgery and OG, my weak subjects.
Robbins, OP Ghai and Park are the only theory books I read for entrance preparation. Ghai and Robbins are exceptional books, better and simpler than any guide. Park or a closely Park-based guide is essential, like it or not.
I have read selected topics in Harrison in final year and immediately post final year. It is not a high yield book to read in the last few months.
1st year subjects: Across Pharma, Patho- Sparsh gupta Micro- rachna chaurasia Medicine- notes by Dr Praveen and Dr Harikrishnan IMA, college notes Surgery- Pritesh Singh OG- DAMS notes Paed- OP Ghai for General Paed, Arvind Arora Forensic and short subjects: Across, Sure Success Magic
I had attended many quizzes with my friend Karthik (DNB rank 3). Image questions were never a problem. I attended DVT session of DAMS. Also went through a book called Photon
For AIIMS my strategy was to attempt nearly all questions. Questions in AIIMS will be difficult, but by elimination you can crack most of them. The moment you lose your cool, all is lost. For all India, I just did all questions from 1 to 300 in order. Thirty questions or so were difficult.
195 in AIIMS. 249 in Jipmer, all in All India
140 to 150 in AIIMS, 200 in Jipmer, 250 to 260 in All India.
Medicine, mostly because of inspiration from teachers.
“ If you want to chop down a tree in an hour, spend 50 minutes sharpening your axe” Do study, but decide what you need to study and when. Examine your aim and weaknesses. Rectify your weaknesses. Remain cool in the exam hall. No one ever achieved anything by panicking.
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