New Year's Resolution for the aspirants who are going to give NEET & AIIMS 2019 Exam
New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate. This will be the great if we set some resolution for our future life. We also can paste these resolution on our room wall as this will motivate us daily to change the bad habit and adopt the good habits.
Celebrate New Year with new resolution for your future life.

We have made here some resolution for you which can help you this new year in your NEET 2019 Prepartion.

1. I will Avoid Distractions during the time of NEET Preparation

You have total 4 months. So you have to give 100% in your preparation. It can be possible only if you avoid yourself from getting distracted.

How to avoid distractions?

The smartphone is the biggest distraction of modern time. One must use their phone or laptop only for study not for chatting or other social media activity. Some other distractions are marriages, parties, functions, or other events due to peer pressure and relationships.

But Our minds are not strong enough to get rid of habits by mere thought and telling yourselves “No, I will not use my phone "I have to study".

If you decide in the morning that you will not use Instagram, Whatsapp, FB and etc., and start studying, are you really able to stop yourself from using the social media? Think it yourself, the answer is NO. And if you are resisting, you will not be able to stop yourself for more than one hour as you will be restless while studying and you will have a strong urge to check the notifications. In fact, you will use your Smartphone for a longer time than usual. So, in the end, you will hamper your study time.

The best way to get rid of these distractions is to immerse yourself so much in the study that you have no time for distractions. It means if we whole heartedly attach ourselves to a particular thing, we automatically get rid of the other distractions that we are currently pursuing.

2. “I will take out time for self-care” 

Many medical students spend their whole time only in studying and simply do not care for the most valuable assets - themselves.  It is common for students to avoid the importance of their own wellbeing. So take the meal on time, take some time rest and sleep on time at the night. Take resolution with yourself for 10 minutes of meditation on the daily basis. It will improve your time management skills and your productivity. 

3. "I will revise and practice questions on the daily basis".

Let's discuss on the most frequently asked question "what should be my NEET revision strategy and timetable?
Dr. Ajay Mohan sir has answered one of such question asked my a NEET aspirant on Quora.
Link is given below
What was your revision strategy in the months of December-February for the NEET preparation?

4. I will practice weekly one Mock test till the NEET & AIIMS 2019 exam:

You have to determine yourself for one mock test in a week. By giving the mock test you will analyze your weak areas and will prepare yourself for the exam. Analyze your performance after every mock test.
You can practice with "NEET Offline Test Series Booklet for NEET 2019" provided by Aim4AIIMS. You will get total 10 full syllabus mock test in this booklet.
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5. "I will read newspapers daily for one hour or half an hour".

Make your habit to read the newspaper daily. Read all important and major news which are important for the AIIMS/NEET exam.

 6. “I will reflect on my original reasons for pursuing medicine, and I will keep them in mind during the upcoming year”

Some thoughts work as a motivator for pursuing your dream. Recall the reasons why you have you started your preparation for medical and realize that your preparation is must to achieve your goal. Find gratitude in your daily work with patients, with your friends and with your teachers as you learn as you learn many things with these characters. Your actions will ultimately serve all of society, and it can be helpful to encourage you.

7. Measure your success with your marks and not by other’s standards

Measure yourself on the basis of your marks obtained in NEET mock test and not by others who got more than you or less than you.  Look at yourself and set goals for upcomming NEET & AIIMS 2019 Examination based on your own capabilities. It is when you look at your own progress that you realize that success is relative only to you. Look at how much you scored in your last Mock Test and focus on improving that score. It will be going to be very helpful in NEET 2019 Examination.
"You will get success when you beat yourself"

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