No, our startup isn’t a coaching institute. It’s a family’- Aim4Aiims redefines guidance for medical aspirants
‘No, our startup isn’t a coaching institute. It’s a family’ - Aim4Aiims redefines guidance for medical aspirants

In the autumn of 2014, three young boys were on a trip to Rajasthan when they stayed at a relative’s home for a night in Kota district, only to be shocked that their 19-year-old cousin had passed away.

The boy consumed rat poison and left behind a note ‘I love you Maa.’

The news, it seemed, was not new to the local people as they claimed to have witnessed several such suicide incidents of young boys and girls who were either preparing for top medical or engineering exams.

India tops the world in teen suicides as exam stress, burden of expectation and depression plays key factors, according to media reports.


“We could not understand why teens were committing suicide even though Kota was considered one of the best educational hubs with best coaching centres for preparations,” said Vivek Gaur, co-founder of education startup ‘Aim4Aiims’.

If drugs, alcohol and firearms are the favourite routes to self-destruction in the West, it’s exam stress and inability to cope with disappointments among teens in India. Every 90 minutes a teenager tries to commit suicide in India. Many of these attempts are half-hearted cries for attention, help and love. But every six hours, one succeeds,  IndiaToday reports.

Dr Ajay Mohan, Aim4Aiims co-founder and AIIMS MBBS (All India Rank 6, 2011), became concerned about his friend in Kerala when he couldn’t get through the entrance. More than the happiness of clearing the country’s toughest medical exam, he was largely concerned about his closest study companion’s mental health.

“I grew concerned about him. I was on vigilante. The suicide trend was high among our age group due to consequences and tension of facing failure and I did not want to lose him,” he says.

It had been months the three friends came back from Rajasthan, but most of the time they spent on unraveling the reasons behind a student’s slipping motivation.

That’s when in 2014 they created a platform where the students could share their feelings and pressures with the members on 24x7 basis alongside receiving guidance on medical preparations.


At the nascent stage, guidance from the team to more than three lakh medical aspirants through Facebook, YouTube, Email, Quora and WhatsApp helped many students crack some toughest medical exams across India.


Ever since Aim4AIIMS/NEET caught the attention of medical students, the initiative started gathering recognition in media. Leading publications like Press Trust of India (PTI), The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Deccan Chronicle and Dainik Bhaskar wrote about how the initiative is making medical coaching easier and assessable for the aspirants.


NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar in his Prime Time applauded the initiative by Dr. Ajay Mohan in giving medical coaching through mobile phone and helping them secure seats in prominent medical colleges.



“I wanted the teens to know that someone is there to guide them in their bad days. I wanted them to know that they can pour all their problems on us and study without tension. I spent days in writing books on simplifying medical questions and answers, using which the students do not have to run from one coaching institute to another.

“I wanted to break the stigma of failure which a student faces every second of his life. I wanted the study pattern to be smooth,” Ajay says.

Now, Aim4Aiims has over 50 doctors willing to mentor aspirants with over 30 books on its name guiding students on how to crack medical entrances with ways to address the mental stress.

The startup believes in the theory that ‘If we can, then you too can.’

Co-founder Manish Choudhary says “Aim4Aiims blog is a medium of relief to all medical aspirants. We try to answer each and every query by the students. If we find a student in low phase, we try to meet, counsel and guide her/him. We make sure we call them and ask about their well-being and progress of study quite frequently.

 “When students calls and tells that he is sharing the happiness on clearing entrance first with us, we feel successful. Our relationship with them is not of any coaching centre, it is of a family,” Manish says.




To become doctor was my childhood dream which came true on 4th June. I really thanks to my elder sister and my brother who helped me a lot in my study.

Many students say that social media always distract us but for me it was helpful in my preparation. I used to see Toppers interviews which Aim4AIIMS/NEET released from time to time. Those videos gave me great direction on how to prepare, preparation strategy and how to manage time for the real exam.

So basically I used social media to keep myself motivated and inspired by AIIMS Toppers.

Monthly GK on Aim4AIIMS website helped me in my GK and Reasoning preparation and I also read Aim4AIIMS Assertion & Reason book which helped me to score best in A&R sections of all 3 subjects for my AIIMS Exam. Surprisingly many questions of my NEET & AIIMS paper were direct or indirect replica of the questions practised from Aim4AIIMS/NEET Books



>Aim4aiims has been a boon for me. I wanted to get into AIIMS from class 8th only. However, I didn’t have even the slightest of idea how to start with it. One day, I found this website Aim4Aiims. It changed my outlook for preparation completely! The tips and tricks given in the blog section provided me a simple edge over the others. It directed my preparation- I came to know what to do and what not to. I also bought aim4aiims book by cbs publishers and distributors. The book had more tips and GK material. The GK material spoke for itself- it was compiled with painstaking work. It really nailed the paper pattern. The topper’s interviews were an icing over the cake. Whenever I used to see the testimonials of toppers on the cover of the book, I used to fantasise getting my testimonial there one day. Hats off aim4aiims!!!


My name is Archit Gupta and I am from Indore. I have secured AIR-2 in AIIMS 2017 and NEET 2017. In JIPMER I got AIR-35. I got 9.8 CGPA in class 10 and scored 91% in 12th board examination. I would like thank my parents (Sh Vishwanath Gupta and Mrs. Rashmi

Gupta) for their support, almighty god for their blessings, my friends and Aim4aiims.

Thank you Aim4aiims for your excellent >AIIMS MBBS entrance book by Dr. Ajay Mohan Sir which helped to read GK and reasoning for the exam with authentic previous year papers of AIIMS Entrance Examination and Assertion Reason book which gives almost all

reasoning lines from NCERT. Thank you Aim4aiims for being such a great support  throughout my preparation.


I am so happy that I secured 9th Rank in AIIMS and 5th Rank in NEET. I want to thanks Dr. Ajay Mohan for his guidance and help during my preparation. I studied NCERT and prefer supplement which elaborates the NCERT and questions based on it.


I am really happy that all my hard work has paid off. I would thank my parents for this success as it would not be possible without their support.

The Aim4AIIMS initiative proved to be boon to me. It gave me a clear idea of the kind of questions asked in exam. Vashishta Sir and Ansh sir helped me a lot in my preparation. Dr. Ajay Mohan sir's guide to AIIMS preparation really helped me out in the GK section as many as 15 questions could be answered with the information on current affairs in the book and posted on the website.

I wish all the AIIMS aspirants good luck for their exam.

If we can, then you too can.’
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