Common Mistakes Done by NEET Aspirants During Preparation
I hope all NEET Aspirants Preparing their NEET exam in the good and effective way. As the passing of days NEET 2020 is also coming near. NEET Aspirants feels more nervous by thinking about NEET 2020. But, Remember, don’t done any silly or common mistake during the NEET Examination in your Nervousness.
NEET Aspirants can easily increase their marks, by not doing some common or silly mistakes throughout their NEET Preparation.

In the Nervousness, Some of the NEET Aspirants done sometimes some common mistakes, which can be become a big mistake, if NEET Aspirants didn’t try to work on those mistakes. NEET Aspirants can easily increase their marks, by not doing those common or silly mistakes throughout their NEET Preparation.

There are some common mistakes done by NEET Aspirants during their NEET Preparation time are given below
: -

Give less Attention to NCERTs

NCERT Books are the bible, those who are preparing for NEET Exams. It is the closest and most significant book for the exam preparation. NEET Aspirants need to practice back exercise questions and solve NCERT exemplar. 90% of questions asked in NEET from NCERT. It also helps in making base in all the three subjects.

Don’t count numbers of hours during your Preparation

NEET Aspirants don’t have to count the numbers of hours you study. Count the number of MCQ’s which NEET Aspirants were able to attempt correctly at that time. If you want to count something, count the number of questions you solved. Only the numbers of correct answers will count in NEET 2020. Must measure your progress in a given time, by the number of chapters you have managed to convert into your strengths over that time.

Ignoring those chapters which find hard to understand

NEET Aspirants shouldn’t try to ignore those chapters which NEET Aspirant think that they are difficult and you can’t do it. Ignoring of those chapters means you are ignoring the problems. Must deal with it. If NEET Aspirants find any difficulty in any of the chapters, watch online videos by experienced educators. Understand and clear all your concepts and work over your weaknesses.

Too much of study material

Too many books are waste of time and money.  NEET Aspirants must go with NCERTs and the One reference book along with the chief and principal NCERT is just adequate for NEET 2020 Preparation. NEET Aspirants Shouldn’t waste their energy on many reference books. They only confused all the NEET Aspirants during NEET 2020 Preparation.

Don’t Being Under Confident

Believe in yourself, Do hard work and smart work. NEET Aspirants shouldn’t underestimate efforts or be under confident with their learning. If the Aspirants a are getting too much nervous before the exam, in nervousness you can also do a big mistake. Always keep yourself calm. Through calmness only NEET Aspirants can overcome upon their nervousness in NEET 2020.  

Common Mistakes to Avoid at the NEET 2020 Examination Centre

There are some other common mistakes done by NEET Aspirants at the NEET 2020 Examination Centre. NEET Aspirants must avoid those common mistakes given below:-

  1. Reaching your NEET 2020 Exam Centre late.
  2. Forgetting to carry your NEET 2020 admit card with affixed photograph. The photograph in the admit card should be same as the one submitted in the NEET 2020 application form
  3. Not taking the printout of postcard size photograph. This postcard size photograph should be 4×6 in size and should also have your name and date.
  4. Not carrying a few extra passport size photographs, which will be collected in the examination hall.
  5. Carrying bared items in the examination hall.
  6. Feeling nervous when filling up the details on your OMR Sheet and marking the response.
  7. Wasting a lot of time on difficult questions. NEET Aspirant should rather move on to the easy questions and attempt the difficult ones at last if you are left with some time.


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