Current Affairs For AIIMS (November 2017)
Current Affairs with Latest Current Affairs and news summary on current events of national and international importance for AIIMS Exam. It is highly based on AIIMS Exam Pattern
Current Affairs for AIIMS Exam.

November 2017


  • India has positioned fourteenth out of 56 countries and European Union on Climate Change Performance Index 2018 discharged by ecological association Germanwatch.
  • Under the Revised National TB Control Programme, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has recently announced the launch of the daily regimen for TB patients across the country.
  • Minister of Communications Shri Manoj Sinha propelled a Pan India scholarship program for school children called Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana.
  • SPARSH stands for Scholarship for Promotion of Aptitude & Research in Stamps as a Hobby.
  • PM Narendra Modi formally propelled UMANG, a state and central government services app, for Cyberspace in New Delhi at the inaugural ceremony of the Global Conference.
  • National Achievement Survey (NAS), the largest ever assessment survey on the national level was conducted by NCERT.
  • ‘Bandhan Express’ a passenger train between Kolkata and Bangladesh’s southwestern industrial city of Khulna was inaugurated on November 9, 2017.
  • The government think tank NITI Aayog has imagined a New India by 2022 which will be free from poverty, corruption, terrorism, casteism, and communalism.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs endorsed the extension of the 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' to covering every one of the 640 locale of the nation
  • India reaffirmed its pledge to disposing TB by 2025 at 1st WHO Global Ministerial Conference on Ending TB in Sustainable Development Era’ at Moscow, Russia.

Aim4AIIMS Monthly Quiz

  1. What is the name of the new train started between India and Bangladesh which runs between Kolkata and Khulna
    a) Bengal Express
    b) Dhaka Express
    c) Bandhan Express
    d) Tiger Expresse
    e) Indian Express
  2. Who has been appointed as a general director of UNESCO recently?
    a) Jim Yon Kin
    b) Audrey Azoulay
    c) Chanda Kochar
    d) Adelle Onyango
    e) None of these
  3. Which country will host the FIFA World Cup 2018?
    a) Geneva
    b) Switzerland
    c) France
    d) Russia
    e) None of these
  4. National Children’s day was observed on which of the following day?
    a) 12th November
    b) 10th November
    c) 14th November
    d) 16th November
    e) None of these
  5. Which country’s researchers had developed non immune cells to kill cancer cells?
    a) Sweden
    b) Norway
    c) Finland
    d) Switzerland
    e) None of these
  6. World Philosophy Day was celebrated on which day?
    a) 1st Thursday of November
    b) 2nd Thursday of November
    c) 3rd Thursday of November
    d) 4th Thursday of November
    e) None of these
  7. Name the person who crowned as a Miss international 2017 held at Tokyo?
    a) Natsuki Tsutsui
    b) Kevin Lilliana
    c) Curacao
    d) Ashley Powell
    e) None of these
  8. As many as 114 nations gave approval to take urgent action to end Tuberculosis (TB) by?
    a) 2020
    b) 2021
    c) 2025
    d) 2030
    e) None of these
  9. Who has been awarded Indira Gandhi peace prize 2017?
    a) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
    b) I.K. Gujaral
    c) H.D. Deve gowda
    d) Manmohan singh
    e) None of these
  10. Full form of KYC
    a) Kisan your customer
    b) Know your customer
    c) Know your Clients
    d) known you customer
  11. Which state/UT has recently launched free coaching schemes for SC/ST students?
    a. Delhi
    b. Puducherry
    c. Orissa
    d. Punjab
    e. None of these
  12. Name the Mission which is going to be launched by ISRO to sun in 2019?
    a. Aditya-L1
    b. Aditya-L5
    c. Aditya-L3
    d. Aditya-L4
    e. None of these
  13. Name the first Indian man who won the Asian marathon championship recently?
    a. Gopi Thonakal
    b. Budhia Singh
    c. Faunja Singh
    d. Arun Bhardwaj
    e. None of these
  14. Name the board council which reduces pass mark for 10th and 12th Standard Classes Recently? a. IB Board
    b. CBSE
    c. Anglo Indian board
    d. ICES None of these
  15. Which of the following state tops in Organ donation?
    a. Kerala
    b. Uttar Pradesh
    c. Karnataka
    d. Tamil Nadu
    e. None of these
  16. Indian Election commission has tied up with which technological giant to encourage youth to vote?
    a. Hike
    b. Google
    c. Facebook
    d. Youtube
    e. None of these
  17. Name the E-commerce giant who has made Aadhaar linkage mandatory for user to track lost packages?
    a. Amazon
    b. Flipkart
    c. Snapdeal
    d. Shop clues
    e. None of these
  18. Name the country which was planning to launch independent internet for BRICS nation?
    a. Brazil  
    b. Russia

    c. India
    None of these

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