Maximum 10 NEET Past Year Papers have to be solved in Last 6 Months
There are 6 months are left for NEET 2020, means 180 days. Within these remaining days, how many past year papers & Mock Papers an aspirant can solve. This is a question going on in every aspirant's mind these days.
There are 6 months are left for NEET 2020, means 180 days.

Before Talking about How many past year papers and Mock test is enough for these 6 months, we will know about importance of solving past year papers. We will discuss everything in detail so please read the full blog.

   Importance of past year papers

  • Many Questions were asked directly or indirectly from NEET Past Year Papers.
    On the basis of Concept, 60% questions are asked from the past year papers. So it is necessary to solve NEET Past Year Papers
  • How will you get to know about NEET Exam Pattern & Level ?
    If you want to know about Exam Pattern, Then there is no any other book like Past Year Papers. You get the idea of paper pattern and what and in which way questions are asked. You also get to know about Question level of PCB only after solving the Past Year Papers.
  • How to Check Potentiality and Capability?
    Aspirants can check their power of capability and their potential power by solving past year papers of NEET. In this way, they get to know about themselves and their potential power as well as how prepared they are till now.

Now, Let's talk about How many Questions Papers are important.

Only 6 months are left for NEET Exam. So Many students will be in depression regarding their preparation. This is a common question for every NEET aspirant this times, how many past year papers they should solve, so that, they can score good marks in NEET 2020.  So, as per our ANALYSIS, If an aspirant will solve 10 Past years papers, this will be enough for him or her to gain good marks. You have to solve Questions paper from 2010 till 2019. It is more than enough to get maximum marks in NEET 2020. But Along with these Question Paper, you also have to solve Mock Papers, at least 5 Full Syllabus Mock Papers.  One thing, Do not IGNORE Your Weekly Test While Prepartion for NEET 2020.

Here I would like to share with you a best book containing 10 NEET Past Year Papers along with 5 NEET Like Mock Paper. So that book name is " NEET Throwback 2019 Edition”

There are 3 main points of this book which I liked the most

  1. First, You will get all three Subject (PCB) in one book, No need to buy other book for physics or Chemistry.
  2. Second, You will get NCERT Page-wise Reference
  3. Third, You will get 5 NEET Likewise Mock Test Paper along with 10 Past Year Papers.
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