How to Remember Complicated Diagrams in Biology
NEET 2020 is not far away now. I hope yours all NEET 2020 Preparation is going well. All NEET Aspirants seem NEET Biology is an easy subject. But, Aspirants must not forgot about there are lots of diagrams in Biology, which all NEET Aspirants find confusion, how to understand or memorize them.
Diagrams are an integral part of NEET Biology and play a significant role in both the theoretical and practical study in NEET Preparation.

Diagrams are an integral part of NEET Biology and play a significant role in both the theoretical and practical study in NEET Preparation. It is a symbolic representation of information and a valuable tool in understanding the theories through visual perception.

Some of the NEET Aspirants usually skip these diagrams and concentrate more only on the theoretical part in NEET Biology. Diagrams hold the equal importance in NEET Preparation, it helps in strengthening the answers and provide a clear picture and helps NEET Aspirants to fetch more marks in NEET Examination.

Let us look at list of the chapters of the some important diagrams in NEET Biology is given below :-

Some of the important NEET Biology diagrams include:

Cell, Tissues, Structure of nephron, neuron, stomata, Cross Section of a Leaf, Human Digestive System, Internal and external structure of heart, Respiratory System, The Human Brain, Structure of Endocrine Glands – Male and Female, Human Reproduction – Male and Female, Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants and lot more.


Some Important Tips for Learning Diagrams

Practicing them on daily basis

Diagrams should be practice on daily basis by NEET Aspirants. Some diagrams are difficult to understand. So, through practicing only NEET Aspirants can memorize and able to try to label them.

Make a list of labeling parts and their functions
To understand and easy to memorize the diagrams, NEET Aspirants should try to make list of all the labelling parts along with their functions. Labelling of diagrams is must in NEET examination.  By remembering their functions it’s become easy to remember and label the parts easily during the NEET Examination.

Diagrams Should be Neat
If possible, NEET Aspirants should try to draw neat diagrams during the NEET Preparation and in NEET Examination. It will help to fetch good marks in NEET and Aspirants can score a good rank. Neat diagrams are easy to recognize.

Never try to Trace Diagrams
Diagrams should be handmade not traced from the book. NEET Aspirants should draw all the diagrams by itself, because tracing the image of diagram from textbooks as NEET Aspirants cannot learn anything through tracing. Aspirants can lose their marks also in NEET Exam.


Lot of Practice Needed
NEET Biology diagrams needs lot of Practice. NEET aspirant must do this one thing, before starting any of the diagram, first visualize it and then understand the image and then Start practice by drawing the diagrams. Practice it till then, Aspirants become perfect in it.
By studying NEET biology diagrams, NEET Aspirants can visualize different patterns, structures, and functions. Besides being important in understanding the related topics, these diagrams also hold major marks in the NEET Exam. A neat and labelled diagram can fetch good marks for NEET Aspirants.


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