How to Revise Complete Syllabus on the Day before NEET Exam
We feel afraid on the day before NEET Exam. All positivity and courage is drained down. We Start to think that how to complete whole syllabus on the day before the NEET exam. All books remain in front of us but we are confused about what to study and what to skip.
It is not time to get stressed but it is time to revise the vast syllabus in an effective way. So, have a glance through the ultra-short notes that you have prepared.

We want to revise complete syllabus in one day before the NEET Exam. But when it not happen, we get stressed. But it is not time to get stressed but it is time to be relax.

push negative thoughts out of my mind. As time passes and the exam draws near, anxiety does creep in. But try not to cram up too much at the last minute to calm your nerves.

Tips for Last Minute Preparations

Revise important formulae and diagrams
Revise the vast syllabus in an effective way. Recall all the important formulae and diagrams. Solve some formula based questions 

Revise all important topics  at a glance
On the last moment, Don't try to revise whole syllabus, instead focus on the important topics which have more weightage in NEET exam. Important topics in physics, biology and chemistry are given below

Relax and mediate
This is the time when you feel more tense and exhausted. Therefore, to avoid stress, try to meditate for some time to relax your mind. When your mind is calm, you can remember everything quickly.

Followings are the strategy to revise whole syllabus once again before the NEET Exam.

How to study?

  • Devise your own method of studying
  • Do not read reference books as it may lead to information overload
  • Try to avoid learning lying on bed, you should use a chair and study table for it
  • Try to make good use of short notes that you have prepared

What to study ?

  • Go through all mistakes that you have committed while you were doing your test series
  • Have a glance through the ultra-short notes that you have prepared
  • Avoid studying big reference text books
  • Do not try to study fresh topics on the eve of exam


  • Go through all the pictures and figures in NCERT
  • Try to have a look into the tough biological terms and their explanations
  • Read the topics marked RED in your NCERT which are ultra-important


  • Physical chemistry – go through equations and formulae of all chapters
  • Inorganic chemistry- go through the chemical equations and chemical formulae of important reagents and products of the chemical reactions
  • Organic chemistry- Go through the organic reactions and the mechanisms of important ones


  • Go through the equations , formulae and graphs of all chapters
  • Do some numerical to get a flow to do questions during exams easily

Top Dos and Don’ts on the Day before NEET Exam

Do’s (A Day before Examination)

  1. Checking the center of the examination center is crucial as its helps avoid last moment rush before the examination.
  2. Ensure yourself of the correct examination center just in case the name of your examination center is common. it would produce issues right at the last moment. therefore be extremely careful.
  3. Revise vital formulas and short notes.
  4. Have trust in you and keep patience.
  5. Eat right and balanced meals.
  6. Work out to remain healthy.
  7. Sleep well.

Don’ts (A Day before Examination)

  1. Don’t get nervous while preparing for the examination.
  2. Don’t lose faith in you.
  3. Don’t attempt anything new.
  4. Don’t neglect your health.
  5. Don’t hit the sack late.
  6. Don’t skip meals to spend more time on preparation for the big day tomorrow.
  7. Don’t oversleep.

Top Dos and Don’ts During the NEET Examination

Do’s (During the Examination)

  1. Read the problems on the question paper rigorously to avoid silly mistakes.
  2. Fill all of your particulars (such as names, roll no. etc.) within the paper properly.
  3. Check the queries on the question paper as per the extent of their issue.
  4. Attempt straightforward queries initial.
  5. Attempt troublesome questions later followed by the questions you're unsure of 

Don’ts (During the Examination)

  1. Don’t rush to reading questions.
  2. Don’t use pen where pencil is required.
  3. Never attempt difficult questions first.
  4. Don’t attempt any question randomly.
  5. Don’t rush to write an answer.
  6. Don’t waste too much time in any one answer.

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