Why do so many students commit suicide in kota?
Kota, famous for its academic result in the field of medical and engineering Examination. This city has more than 300 coaching institute that trains young aspirants for AIIMS/NEET/JIMPER/JEE MAINS/JEE ADVANCED Examination. Some famous coaching institutes of Kota are Allen, Resonance, Vibrant, Career Point and many more. Every year more than 1 Lakh students come here in the hope of fulfilling their dream in Kota. But every student is not able to crack these exams and they go back to their home or leave this world forever. It is a harsh reality of Kota.
More than 55 students have committed suicide in Kota till now and this number is increasing with time. Kota in Rajasthan is increasingly growing as a center of suicidal incident among the students.

This year, since January, more than 15 suicides have been committed in Kota, which is now referred to as the suicide capital of Rajasthan.

I have prepared a list of students who committed suicide in the last year.
Let's talk about those recent suicidal incidents in Kota.

On December 24, 18-year-old Disha Singh, who hailed from Khushinagar in Gorakhpur (UP), committed suicide by hanging herself. The police from Kunhari police station, on receiving the information, reached the hostel. The girl's body has been kept in the MBS Hospital mortuary. The girl's elder sister who is also studying in Kota was informed of her death. "Disha was preparing for her medical examination.

On December 25, 17-year-old boy Jitesh Gupta from Bihar was found hanging from a fan in his hostel room. He was taking coaching classes in Kota for the IIT-JEE entrance examination. The boy had been preparing for the examination for the past three years from a coaching institute in Kota.

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On Saturday afternoon, another student, Deepak Dadich, an IIT aspirant who hailed from Rajasthan's Bundi district had killed himself by hanging in a room in his coaching institute.

Nikhil, a resident of Haryana's Bhiwani, committed suicide by jumping from the Chambal Bridge in Kota. He was preparing for Medical from Kota's Allen Coaching Institute.

Let me clarify some points as a Doctor :

  • If you get MBBS selection, you obviously make your parents proud but not getting selection doesn't mean you are a failure. There are many other professions where you can excel in. Dr. Abdul Kalam was not a general physician, Steve Jobs wasn't an Orthopaedician, our Prime Minister is not a Surgeon either (though he did some "Surgical" strike successfully) etc
  • Your parents love you more than your MBBS selection. They want you to excel in life, not in any entrance exam.
  • Clearing MBBS is just one hurdle in the medical profession, you will have to appear for your specialist, super specialist etc. MBBS is actually not the end of anything and obviously, it is a life long education field.
  • " Work is worship". All professions have its own class and respect. it depends on how you pursue it. your passion matters.
  • "Depression" is a psychiatric illness which is treatable. This is mainly due to our mental pressure, trauma etc which destroys the balance in our neurotransmitters in our brain. It's a scientific fact.
  • I saw a motivation video in which Physics faculty (An IIT D product) saying, students, that if you don't get into IITs, then life is waste and you will be mocked throughout your life. When a student asked about NIT, he mentioned NIT is also no much big stuff. What I feel is that these sentences instill the mind of a student with fear rather than motivation.
  • He even mentioned "Private college students are a waste" 
  • Fear of loss seems to increase the pressure in tender minds like you. So have the passion to study and aim for success. Not fear, this passion should be your motivation.
  • Kota is actually both coaching and suicide hub of India where at least 15 aspirants commit suicide every year. I am not shocked by seeing this data as they are trained by teachers like them who try to stuff the students with some unscientific facts and even asking them to repeat that in a classroom.
  • Some coaching institutes want more students and they want ranks from their elite branch of theirs. institute only. They literally don't care about your mental health or whether you suicide or not. But your parents want you to stay happy and survive.
  • Don't feel demotivated by anything which unscrupulous teachers try to buff your young minds with. Be confident in anything you do. An exam cant judge your talent. And medical entrance examination is not the end of your life.
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