Mistakes done By NEET Aspirants During Preparation
No doubt, NEET is a difficult and challenging exam. NEET is the single-level medical entrance examination of the country, where lakhs of students appearing for the exam with limited seats offered in desired colleges.
Where the grip lose, Mistake will happen. NEET Aspirants have to learn through their mistakes during NEET Preparation.

Secondly, the pandemic situation is going throughout the nation. Another problem is flood, many of the states are under in it. Then, transportation is also not working. By seeing the situations, Aspirants are losing their interest and focus. Lack of focus leads them into the mistakes.

Where the grip lose, Mistake will happen. NEET Aspirants have to learn through their mistakes during NEET Preparation.

Some following mistakes done by NEET Aspirants and the lessons they should learn are given below: -

Ignoring NCERT Books

After just reading twice or thrice, aspirants start practicing and solving the MCQs and forget about NCERT, start depending upon just practicing the questions. From here, they started losing marks. Remember, NCERT is a base maker and NTA asked questions only from NCERT.

Solving ample amount of questions

Practicing of questions are really needed and most needed is revision of those questions which you practiced. But, solving of ample amount of questions became difficult to revise.

It’s better to solve some standard questions and revise those questions in your daily routine schedule. Revise standard questions only.

Sleep Sacrifice

Sleep sacrificing is really a bad idea adapted by NEET Aspirants. If aspirants don’t sleep well, they can’t continue their preparation properly in their upcoming days. They will feel sleepy throughout the day with no progress in their Preparation.

So, it’s better to take enough sleep to do in the NEET preparation and in the NEET exam.

Long Revision

Again, going through NCERT for revision is like a hectic thing for all NEET Aspirants. It’s better to make notes simultaneously during study NCERT.  It’s better to revise NCERT notes, rather than whole NCERT.

Indulging in Unnecessary Activities

Some aspirants indulge in unnecessary activities, like, wasting time on social media and watching useless videos which makes them unfocused towards NEET Preparation and they failed to score good in NEET.

Not clearing the doubts as soon as they popped up in mind

Whenever, any doubt popped up in your mind, must solve at the same time. Later, the doubt that doubt become vanish from the mind. It creates problem at the time of revision and while attempting tests.

It’s better to clear your doubt at the same time whenever, the doubt popped.


Being Under Confident

Sometimes, Stress and Depression can become the source of under confident. But, not practicing and revising well can also be a reason. There is advise for NEET Aspirants, don’t get over confident and under confident in both the ways you will lose marks.

Due to this pandemic situation, students are already losing the confidence.

Self Believe

It’s really hard to keep yourself motivated especially in this pandemic. But, if you have believed on yourself, anything can be possible to do. You can score good marks in NEET examination. Don’t get distracted, Be self-determined.

This pandemic gives more stress and depression to everyone. NEET Aspirants have to do work hard for scoring good marks. So, keep your practicing and revision continue and make sure about your concepts, which must be clear. Stay Motivated.

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