MBBS from foreign countries
Everyone has dream in their life to become something be it becoming an engineer, doctor, banker, artist or anything else. If we talk about MBBS then number of MBBS and BDS seats available in our country is around 66,000 which includes seats available through NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER. And on the other hand if we talk about number of students appearing in these examinations is more than 1.5 million which is almost 23 times of the number of available seats. Now the question arises what about the student who is at 66001st position? Is he not eligible to become a doctor? Is he not good enough to study medical science? Medical Education today is one of the most popular fields of higher education among the students across the world. Every year, thousands of students apply in many countries like Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Philippines etc to get admission in MBBS in abroad. Many countries offer high-quality medical education at a very affordable rate. The medical universities in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries follow the international curriculum for MBBS and other medical courses. Most of the medical universities in these countries are listed in the directories of the major organizations like WHO, UNESCO, and MCI. The procedure of admission in the medical colleges in Russia and many other countries is very simple. The students are not required to clear any entrance exam like TOEFL or IELTS to get admission in MBBS in abroad. There are two options offered to the students who want to study MBBS abroad:
Medical Education today is one of the most popular fields of higher education among the students across the world.

1. The student can complete his/her MBBS in 5 years and pursue the internship program in the native country.
2. Or complete their MBBS degree in 6 years in abroad with a mandatory internship abroad.

Getting a medicinal degree from a college in Russia or any other medical college which is approved by the MCI gives numerous advantages to the students in their career path. Some of such benefits are mentioned below:
1. No entrance examination is required to get admission in MBBS abroad. The admission is done on the basis of the marks obtained in 12th standard.
2. The students are not required to pay any donation or capitation fees to get admission in MBBS in abroad.
3. The Indian students, who finish their MBBS from a medical college which is recognized by MCI, can easily return and work in India.
4. Many universities provide scholarship programs for students. The students can also participate in student exchange programs among various countries.
5. The cost of MBBS in abroad is very low and that too with the high-quality education.
6. The standard of living provided to the students in these countries is comparable to any developed nation with a very affordable cost.
7. Most of the universities have a special department to take care of international students and their concerns.

Here are some of the best medical universities that offer high standard medical education:

1. Perm State University, Russia
2. Mari State University, Russia
3. Smolensk State University, Russia
4. Orenburg State Medical University, Russia
5. Zaporozhy State Medical University, Ukraine
6. Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine
7. Odessa National Medical University, Ukraine
8. Osh State University, Kyrgyzstan
9. Anhui Medical University, China
10. AMA School of Medicine, Philippines
11. Karaganda National Medical University, Kazakhstan
12. Geomedi Medical University, Georgia
13. Lincoln American University, Guyana


As per figures India has 36 doctors per 1,00,000 people which is much less than normal standards. The reason being, less number of seats for medical education, lack of infrastructure, economical issues faced by the govt. and such other things. Then comes the option for students to pursue MBBS from other countries like Russia, China and Philippines. We have heard a lot of times from people that MBBS from abroad is not good, it is not of high value and such other things. We would like to tell you that it doesn’t make any difference. It’s a myth and people are overcoming it gradually. There are many famous doctors who did their MBBS from abroad and did PG from medical college in India and doing really great today. Aim4Aiims is counseling those students who want to chase their dreams and wish to pursue MBBS from abroad.

MBBS from foreign countries
MBBS from foreign countries

Here are some details regarding fee


Tuition: 26,000RMB/year (approximately 2,60,000 INR/year)
Hostel: 4000 RMB/year(approximately 40,000 INR/year)
Other fee (Residence Permit,Insurance Fee,Books Fee): 4000RMB/year (approximately 40,000 INR/year)
Living Cost: 700-1,00RMB/month (approximately 7,000-10,000 INR/year)

So the total expense per year is almost 44,000 RMB  (approximately 4,40,000 INR/year) in Nantong University.The length of the course is 5 years and for the sixth year (Internship or House surgeon) student can do it in India or in China so the total duration will be 6 years most extreme. The total expense for 5 years will be 22,00,00RMB (approximately 22,20,000 INR) if the student comes to India for Internship after 5 years.

RMB is the Chinese currency and INR is the Indian Rupees

1 RMB is almost equal to 10 Rs and you can check it in the link given below.

The student has to submit the following along with duly filled-in application form:

(1).     Attested copy of 12th Standard (+2) Mark Statement

(2).     Attested copy of 11th Standard (+1) Mark Statement in School Letter Pad

(3).     Attested copy of Transfer Certificate

(4).     Attested copy of Community Certificate

(5).     Attested copy of Conduct Certificate issued by School / College (if available)

(6).     A Conduct Certificate from a Responsible Person

(7).     Attested copy of Birth Certificate

(8).     Attested copy of Passport

(9).     Duly filled-in Physical Examination Form

(10).   Duly filled-in Student Visa (JW 202) Form

(11).   Duly filled-in MCI Eligibility Certificate Form

(12).   Passport size Photographs.


After submitting the documents, the student gets an invitation from the Ministry of Education from the respective country. After this step, the consultant applies for the visa for the student. The students are provided with pre-departure training. The consultancy has one specialist who is accessible at the airplane terminal to see off the students and one expert is accessible at the destination airport to get the students. The students are provided with accommodation by the consultancy.


Documents needed are mentioned above and it costs Rs.13.50 lacs for 5 years.

Why Philippines?

  • English is an official language of Philippines with Filipino. Philippines a former colony of USA & has strong ties with US. 94% of population speaks English. It is the 3rd largest Patients talk in English. Excellent exposure to practical Internship
  • Strong culture of USMLE preparation and going to the USA for jobs. Numerous toppers go to USA from Philippines. Have tie ups with US Colleges for Clinical clerkship/rotation. Recommendation letters help in landing positions in the USA after graduation
  • Tropical country with diseases common in India such as Malaria, Typhoid etc. Good training & clinical experience for students.
  • Course takes 5 years in Philippines for aspirants who have completed class 12 Course takes 4 years in Philippines for students who have finished Bachelors (B. Sc / BAMS/BHMS etc)
  • Excellent Track record. High success rate in USMLE


MBBS in Russia costs Rs.13 lacs (approx) for 6 years.

Documents: same as mentioned above.

Some drawbacks which people feel for Russia are Cold climate, European culture and Russian Language which seems difficult to understand.

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