Merits and Demerits of Online Coaching Classes for AIIMS & NEET
Cracking the toughest medical exam such as AIIMS & NEET is not a cakewalk. It requires hard work and commitment from the aspirants. Every year, almost 12 lakh to 13 lakh students fill the NEET application form but only 30,445 students gets admission in Govt. Medical Colleges. Unlike NEET Exam, around only 807 seats are available in AIIMS for 3 to 4 lakh students. So we can say that there is a tough competition among the aspirants. When it comes to preparation for AIIMS or NEET exams, students face a dilemma of either opting for coaching institutes or go for online coaching platforms.
In digital modern time, almost all competitive exams are held online. So in today's times, online coaching is playing a vital role in exam preparation.

Now education can be availed without any boundaries due to the availability of several online platforms. Online classes, e-learning, and course are achieving a high milestone with time, distance and best teachers. AIIMS Exam is basically held in online mode so it is very useful if aspirants do prepare with online coaching.

Now let's talk about Pros and Cons of taking online coaching for AIIMS & NEET Exam.


Merits of taking Online Coaching


Online Coaching is the best option for AIIMS & NEET Exam Preparation With lower tuition fees. You have to pay less fee than offline coaching institute. Also, you will get many facilities like concept notes, videos lectures, Audio lectures and questions bank in the same amount of fees depending upon the platform. You can even find many videos and websites that provide AIIMS & NEET online courses for free.

Schedule Flexibility:

The aspirants like to opt for courses while they work, take university classes or School education. But because of the timing issue, they could not enroll for courses and they have to choose for self-study. They can't able to manage time according to offline coaching classes. Many students are stressed due to not completing the syllabus on time with self-study. It is a negative effect in their preparation for AIIMS & NEET or any other competitive exams. The e-learning classes are coming up with their flexibility of time for all aspirants willing to appear for AIIMS & NEET Exam. With e-learning classes, you can set your schedule according to your time availability. You can learn any time or any day whenever you have time. You can also watch videos lectures while traveling.

Technology Familiar

AIIMS Exam is conducted in online mode so it is necessary to be familiar with technology before giving the main exam. Not even AIIMS Exam, many competitive exams are held online.  Even you can prepare with online classes for offline exams like NEET.

Non-Boundary centric:

Online coaching has no boundaries for you as they are not geographical oriented. You can access any websites, videos lectures or study materials while sitting in any corner of the world. You can easily access it from remote areas also.

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Demerits of taking Online Coaching

Reach Limited to the internet connection

Despite being one of the most rapidly expanding fields, online coaching has limited reach as internet technology is still not available in remote areas. This makes online coaching classes not a feasible option for rural aspirants.

Lack of Mentorship:

Despite offering excellent videos lectures & study materials the online coaching classes lack the factor of mentorship from the tutors. It makes aspirant unhappy for the online coaching. Aspirants have very fewer chances to talk with tutors for any advice or doubt clearing. They lack personalized attention from the tutors. But by the time several steps are being taken to overcome and improve these areas as many experienced and well-known mentors, tutors are becoming part of such programs to help students in achieving their target.

Too much information available on online websites:

The Internet is an encyclopedia of numerous information. If you are looking for any specific content online, you will get a lot of information that is much more than your requirement. This information is not valuable for your competitive exam point of view. For example, if you are looking for information related to biology or any topic of physics for the AIIMS exam, then you will get lots of information that is not related to your course.

It is difficult to determine out of both the ways will give you guaranteed success as it completely depends on your hard work and dedication. Choosing online coaching or offline coaching or both modes, it is entirely up to you. Both offline coaching institute and online coaching platform have their own advantages and disadvantages. In today's time, there are so many good online coaching classes for AIIMS & NEET who provides an efficient & excellent education. Even aspirants from remote areas are getting benefit from these online coaching classes in the form of distance learning programs and now they are able to crack NEET & AIIMS exams. 
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