NEET Online from 2018 – perk for minds
CBSE releases NEET 2017 scorecards, which proved to be pat on back for some and left some aspirants blue. There was a wide mass agitation after the exam when students and parents came to know about paper leak at Bihar Centre. Mass appeals were made at judicial headquarters throughout the nation for cancellation of NEET 2017 and to reconduct exam again for justice of those students who burned the midnight oil to crack it. Case swifts between various High Courts of different states to Supreme Court and at last on 22nd June CBSE declared NEET results.
So how can an online exam make a difference

After all this bone of contention something strikes my mind to write this blog suggesting and socially appealing to bring NEET 2018 to an online paper format. In India over 35+ entrance exams are held annually where lakhs of students make their fortune. Many exams, in fact most of them have shifted to online format. I would like to name a few like CAT, GATE, GRE etc. all these are PG level entrances but recently in 2016 IIT-JEE opens both online and offline examination portal for students. 


So how can an online exam make a difference

First of all topic which we discussed above of paper leak can be prevented to an extent if we shift to online portal. As discrepancy during conduction or any kind of loop hole can be controlled. Many online examinations like CAT, GRE have developed their own software programmes that enables the candidate to view his/her question paper only after entering a legible code before this no one can have an excess to question paper. So during examination it is the candidate who first views his/her question paper.

Second each candidate have different set of questions so again leaking of answer key or any cheating or use of any objectionable material is prevented as you don’t know which set you will get.

Third a few days back a student messaged my senior stating that her OMR sheet was snatched by invigilator 10 minutes prior to permitted time. In online examination you have a timer for a fix time and no such early or before allegation can be made as the system will automatically close.

Forth online exam gives results in short course of time so after exam pressure is quit reduced to an extent for some. Plus in online exam pattern, probability for repeating of a question twice is nil as developed system will pin point the error. 

Students who would be giving exam for the first time usually faces problem in OMR marking, such problems can be abolished. Also candidate have as review option always if he/she is not sure about an answer.

Also being an environmentalist Go Green is always my motto. Online testing reduces such huge paper wastage.

So after all this I would just like to make a statement that computer based testing provides flexibility, adaptive learning pattern of testing, quick process for grading and evaluation nil chances for cheating or leakage and at last environment safety.

Best of luck for NEET 2019

Blog written by: Akansha Gupta


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