A child’s first classroom is his home itself. A kid spends a lot of time at home and learns a lot of things from his parents and atmosphere provided by them. Parents have an important role in their kids life, irrespective of their age. Children, who get more attention from their parents, perform well in their exams instead of those ignored. Parents can improve their kid’s academic performance if they pay attention to the following things.
A child’s first classroom is his home itself. A kid spends a lot of time at home and learns a lot of things from his parents and atmosphere provided by them. Parents have.....

  1. Make yourself available to your children as much as possible: Ignoring your kids make them careless and eventually they lose interest in studies. So take out some time for your children out of your busy schedule. Spend time with them on daily basis and talk about their performance in studies, like “how was your day” or “what did you learn today”. Ask them if you can help by any means to improve their academic performance or they want any facility. This way they will develop interest in their studies.
  2. Helpful environment: Environment at home affects studies a lot. Develop a loving and caring atmosphere at home which influence their mind in a good way and they do their best in the studies. Stressful environment hinders their academic performance and they are not able to focus on their studies. Avoid such situation which drags attention of students out of their studies, like playing music or watching tv while your child is busy in studies.
  3. Raise up their spirit: Appreciate their efforts if they perform well in their exams and give them rewards too, if they don’t then instead of scolding them motivate them to do more hard work. For getting more rewards and appreciation they start to work even harder if you praise their efforts.
  4. Connect with their teachers: Go to their school or college regularly to know about grades, performance and behavior of your child in the school. You will get to know about flaws of your child and you can also ask the relevant teachers that how can you help to improve the situation.
  5. Talk over about their problems: try to explore the reasons by conversation if your child is not doing well in studies. He/She may have some difficulties which hamper their studies. Do your best to solve the problem in a friendly way. If you behave friendly then your kid will be more honest and frank in telling you the exact problem.
  6. Watch their actions: always monitor the activities of your child, they may be paying attention or doing unimportant activities which sums up their most of the time. This may be the reason of your kids hindered performance in the examination. Do not let them waste their time in watching movies, reading novels, online chatting or Facebook. You need not to become “James Bond” to watch your kids’ activities, he/she may feel that you are spying on them but you should know what he is up to.
  7. Improvise their reading habits: Tell them about how to build good study routine and habits. Get them up early in the morning and tell them to sleep on time at night. If they do not sit for study by themselves then to do so, so that they develop study habit and long sitting capacity to study. Advise them about the tips and tricks to study efficiently.
  8. Your conduct when you suggest them: Maintain a balance between strictness and love towards your kid. Excess of both hampers his/her performance in studies. Show them your love and care when you give them advice about their studies. Keep your decisions firm while barring them from some activities. Never ever hit them to impose strictness on them

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