Tips to Excel in physical Chemistry
NEET Chemistry is not that much difficult subject unlike NEET Physics. NEET Chemistry, divides into three: - Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and physical Chemistry. NEET Aspirants show not much interest in Physical Chemistry, aspirants keep focus on Organic Chemistry. But, NEET aspirants should also focus on Physical Chemistry, because Aspirants doesn’t want to lose marks in NEET 2020 Examination.
Physical Chemistry is more about understanding the concepts and knowing the key results than about memorizing. NEET Aspirants won’t give lot of attention on Physical chemistry; it also includes reactions, which are also important for NEET 2020.

Physical Chemistry is more about understanding the concepts and knowing the key results than about memorizing. Aspirants won’t give lot of attention on Physical chemistry; it also includes equations and reactions, which are also important and aspirants won’t take risk for losing marks in physical Chemistry.

There are some Tips to solve reactions of Physical Chemistry and excel in physical chemistry are given below:-

  • Remember the Constants
    Many questions in physical chemistry involve calculations. Most of the questions involve the use of certain constants over and over again. So if, NEET aspirants have performed numerous calculations with those numbers then NEET aspirants will certainly be able to do the math very quickly in the examination.  For example, value of the universal gas constant R in SI units is 8.314. The value 25/3(8.333…) is pretty close to this value.     
  • Continue Keep Practicing
    Practice makes the NEET Aspirants perfect in all calculations of physical Chemistry.  Physical chemistry involves some difficult calculations. So it is extremely essential for NEET Aspirants to practice problems. As an aspirant practice more, aspirants will become familiar with the numbers and the constants that are involved in the problems. That helps NEET aspirants do lightning quick calculations in the papers.
  • Importance to Theoretical understanding
    Before practicing numericals, NEET Aspirants should get excel in theory part also. Theoretical part is also most important in physical Chemistry. Very often NEET Aspirants knowing each and every formula, that’s why NEET aspirants should, studied Physical Chemistry theory for the preparation of NEET 2020.

  • Go thoroughly the Concepts of Equilibrium
     NEET Aspirants should go thoroughly to the concepts in Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium because they are an inseparable part of Physical Chemistry. They will occur time and again in different topics. So, NEET aspirants should understand them thoroughly. In Ionic Equilibrium, aspirants should know what approximations are usually made. The calculation part is the trickiest in ionic equilibrium. Make sure aspirant will understand well for NEET 2020.
  • Do Not Neglect Important Chapters
    Sometimes, aspirants neglect important chapters in physical Chemistry. The most important of chapters of physical chemistry are; Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Electrochemistry. Apart from this, questions can be asked from other chapters such as, Atomic Structure, Chemical Kinetics, Solutions, Solid State and chemical Bonding. NEET Aspirants must do these chapters thoroughly and sincerely and must do problems of these chapters for the preparation of NEET 2020.
  • Revise each chapter thoroughly
    Revision is must for each and every chapter in all the three subjects, NEET Physics, NEET Chemistry and NEET Biology. In Physical Chemistry, there are some chapters which need revision and practice for the NEET examination. NEET Aspirants follow their revision plan for the NEET 2020.
  • Solve Past Year Papers
    solving Past Year Papers is another essential component of NEET exam preparation. NEET Aspirants get an idea of the kind of questions that are asked in the NEET examination. This helps aspirants adjust their preparation according to the style of the NEET examination. Sometimes, NEET aspirants might also learn some new concepts from Solving Past Year Papers.  


These are some important tips to excel in physical Chemistry. NEET Aspirants should study in such a way that aspirants don’t lose marks because it will help aspirants to build overall score. In theoretical part, aspirants should remember that accuracy in answer should very important. Try getting answers fast as well as in one attempt.

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