AIIMS 2015- AIR -03


On teaching days i preferred to study 9-10 hrs apart from classes while on Saturday and Sundays i studied up to 14-16 hrs.
My parents and most relatives are doctors. I’ve grown up in a environment which practically discusses only medical cases. So I decided to take it up as a career and check
I like playing basketball and reading novel. I also watch a lot & TV. For time pass and during my “ study breaks “ I like food and want to try all & them (veg only) I can’t sit at one place and study.
The exam syllabus is not defined. So any question is a valid one. Then is GK worth 10% & your marks. The question are not the common ones as in the other exams. There are a lot of extra concepts that need to be understood to answer some question.
Lack & orientation regarding how to “ study “ for GK. Since these all no boundaries to the subjects which are tested, it is difficult to manage what is “ primarily ” important and what isn’t lack & ample practice as the exam was online and maximum practise is online.
98.1% (with languets without – 99.5%)
Chaitanya provided an integrated coaching facility apart from 11th­­­­­­­­­­ & 12th so the preparation was for the completive exams only. I used to follow their schedule and write as many exams as possible.
Follow the chaitanya schedule. Write weekly tests. Check the mistakes in them and not the relative rank finish physics aisles because it require little revision towards the end. Do bio chem. In the final days. Revise the topics which go auirt confident about and leave the rest. Write many test papers and try not to repeat the same mistakes.
My institute has timings from 9AM to 9PM & which was for study. Approximately 10-12 hours a day in the last 3 months.
One cannot “ study “ GK. It is necessary to read a Bit & newspaper daily for better marks. GK shouldn’t be the 1st priority. Finish the subjects first . Then plan for GK.
No time table as such Towards the end I used to read what I fell like reading (which was anyways more). Although previously I used to follow the chaitanya schedule.
Nearly zero. I would rarely check stuff on net.
I never believed I would make it to AIIMS. I never even planned for it.
Chaitanya material Defied the aakash material for some extra info Telugu academy (state syllabus).
The same as those for theory . MCQS would be given believed every chaplet in the material I would randomly solve same & it.
Don’t prepare especially for AIIMS, read as you should on a daily basis for all the exams Don’t restrict yourself to one Book and believe it to be true (especially the NCERT) because I can have errors keep calm while reading and don’t restrict yourself to hurt.
The AIPMT wasn’t the main exam for me because my state doesn’t participate in it have I just read a little bit & recent for it and fell that my stake syllabus was conveniently adapted to the national one. After the exam.
One should take time and notice all the diagrams in the nicest. They all & prime importance. It is also necessary to read the subtext prepare the diagrams sepencaleey once more (- no diagram question was asked in AIPMT-)
Keep calm and write the paper finish it in 2 hours (for AIPMT) and 21/­­­­2 (for AIIMS) utilise the emailing time to check the already attempted answers Be confident and attempt as many que as possible (180 is most suitable for AIIMS) try not to make random queues
It is necessary that you have a through understanding of the concept and it isn’t necessary to know all details the questions often test the basics so get them right test do not read a lot & “ extra syllabus “, because one can asked all exams without it Do not take stress at any time during prep and lor exams.
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