AIIMS 2017 AIR -02


Its pattern is different in way of questioning and coverage of topics depth of subjects and also includes general awarness.

sometimes i got problems in AR but using AIM4AIIMS AR book my those problems were also solved.

The job of doctor always fascinated me because the type of praise a doctor gets, you will not get such in any other job.

i wanted to know everything i can about the subject.

no, i saw the previous year papers from AIM4AIIMS and i knew that the paper has only current affairs so i prepared for thrm only i got those from the same book by AIM4AIIMS.

I could not follow a timetable, so i only did was what i felt i studied whatever i feel to study with no restrains.

its very important in AIIMS exam as they often ask newly understood science. So i preferred to use it constructively.

I often got anxiety about being selected hence i often not thought about it i told myself that whatever i get is what i deserve and be satisfied by it.

yes ,certainly itis important

As they help you focus on topics which you dont know about.

i consider that read whatever my teachers told me to.

I always kept in mind that keep in mind that it dosen't matter what my rank is I have to get a seat in AIIMS Delhi.

i prepared for NEET exam same as what i did for AIIMS

My stategy was to keep calm and do my best.

My advice is to them is prepare well and do not leave lacunae in their knowledge.

I will dedicate my success to AIM4AIIMS as the books and general knowledge as current affairs helped me a lot. I want to thank AIM4AIIMS for my success.

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