AIIMS 2016- AIR -08


2 years of regular hardwork and focus enabled me achieve this position .

Aprat from studies, I am also a good badminton player and love oration .

AIIMS entrance exam gas tricky questions and also questions based on A&R, which makes it a bit different.

Main difficulties which I faced ,were during the ending 3-4 months, when one has to consolidate the entire 2 year syllabus

No one in my family is a doctor and so everyone wanted me to be so. I was myself also interested in biology and so chose this

School was basically a place, where I could revise my concepts which I had already studied

I had no fixed timetable, I just focussed on completing my daily goals, which I set for myself

I used to study 7-8 hours each day 

For general studies, reading current affairs especially starting from 4-5 months prior to entrance exam 

I didn't have a fixed timetable. Evrn if I tried to set up one, I couldn't stick to it. 

I used to refer to internet for concepts which I couldn't get in books 

Intially , I doubted my ablity to get selected but on writing seccessive tests, based on AIIMS pattern, I overcame these doubts 

Classroom coaching is needed, as one gets a competitive enviroment and also interacts with faculties expert in their fields.

I attended tests of Akaash and Allen 

For biology i used Trueman biology for chemistry I used GRB books. For physics i used HC Verma.

For biology i used MTG objective books and coaching notes, for chemistry I used GRB booksand coaching notes. For physics i used engage learning (B.N sharma) and coaching notes

One has to keep in mind, the chapters which are important and also the A&R questions asked. One also must not neglect the GK questions

I could secure AIR 58 in AIPMT exam. But my main focus was on AIIMS exam. Preparation for AIIMS helped me to tackle te AIPMT entrance exam

I mainly prepared for image based questions by refering to NCERT diagrams 

Before the exam , I kept my mind cool and focused on the concepts, which I knew and didn't worry about the things which I couldn't study 

My advice is that, they should be focused and continuosly work hard and keep themselves cool. They would definitely succeed

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