AIIMS 2015 AIR -01


I am a very easy going person. I love to listen to songs. I like playing table tennis a lot
AIIMS exam is truly the toughest exam of the country .the exams aims to test the concepts and reasoning power of students. Cramming won’t let you solve even a single question in AIIMS exam.
The difficulties that I faced the most during preparation for of exam was the assertion –reason part and PHYSICS. I couldn’t find any proper study material to prepare for the assertion – reason questions
I was greatly influenced by my parents to pursue medical career. My parents are doctors, so from the very beginning I was attracted towards this profession
I didn’t go to school daily but only sometimes, I rather preferred self-study
I reused everything taught to me in the class the same day itself and clarified all my concepts and doubts. On every weekend I tried to read the topics read during the week in more depth all new types of questions I found I added them in my notes so that I could r revise them with ease during weekdays I preferred to revise class notes and practice more and more questions during weekdays I preferred to revise class notes and practice more and more question. I tried never to miss any tests and I even regularly remised the mistakes I did in my tests.
On teaching days i preferred to study 9-10 hrs apart from classes while on Saturday and Sundays i studied up to 14-16 hrs.
I didn’t prepare for Gk much only during the last month of my preparation. I went through some of the general GK topics.
I didn’t prepare a strict timetable for myself but tried to allot days to specific subjects when I had to read theory theory rather than reading all subjects every day.
I didn’t use internet during my preparation.
Yes, I feared of my selection in AIIMS but to overcome the fears I gave as many tests I could so that I could feel confident of what I have read.
Yes, I feel classroom coaching to be quite important as it saves a lot of time and helps to have a good hold over concepts.
For biology I preferred to read class notes and NCERT for chemistry I sometimes read Pradeep’s but mainly taussed on my class notes. For physics I went through Dc pandey, Gc Aggarwal. and sometimes Hc verma.
For biology i used dinesh’s objective biology for chemistry I used nauasthi and question banks from DD target PMT institute. For physics i used DC pandey ,GC Aggarwal , D mukherjee and question banks from DD target PMT institute.
In my opinion AIIMS is all about concepts. AIIMS doesn’t require learning concepts beyond class 12 but whatever we learn up to class 12 it should be crystal clear in mind. Practice physics as much as possible.
AIPMT exam is quite easy exam. For it i regularly went through NCERT books. the biology in AIPMT is mostly from NCERT book so after repeated readings it was no problem to me. For physics and chemistry during the revision period i read only the basic concepts rather than going into depth.
Both AIIMS and AIPMT use NCERT diagrams so i regularly went through the diagrams along with all labelling.
Before any exam i used to sleep 2 hours extra than my normal sleep. i went totally fresh – minded to attempt any exam. While attempting any exam , i first went for biology then chemistry and last physics i marked answers in the OMR sheet after attempting every subject.
I would advice all future aspirants to give up cramming and brush up all your concepts with a special emphasis on physics. Don’t leave any topic unread and revise every topic as many times as you can. Try to be accurate in answering questions and never make wild guesses. Lastly do analyse your preparation regularly and adopt learning techniques which suites you the best rather than following any one.
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