AIIMS 2017 AIR -36


I am a focussed and hard-working guy who achieved his goal . I love listening to music,singing and gaming.

AIIMS entrance exam tests your concepts thoroughly with a variety of questions in all subjects .Also low success rate makes it an exceptionally difficult exam. 

The main difficulty which I faced was in Chemistry (especially organic chemistry) and AR questions asked in Physics.

My interest in Biology and human sciences promoted me take medicine as a career.Also my wish to help others could be fulfilled if i pursued a career in medicine.

My percentage in 12th was 95.2%.My board was CBSE. 

I went to school sometimes and mostly i used that time for self study at home. 

My study was simple - keep working efficiently to achieve your daily goals which will finally lead you to achieve your final goal and NEVER give up if failure hits you. 

I used to give 20-30 min daily to reading newspaper and also learn most of the current affairs 3-4 months before actual exam date. 

No, I had a idea a of what i had to study due to the periodic tests at my coaching center so i did not have the need to prepare a timetable.  

Internet was very impotant during my preparation as it helped to find some quick answers to my doubts and save my time.

Yes there were some times when i felt really down .At that time used to talk to my parents and my friends who helped me to get back on feet and  pursue my goals.

Yes classroom coaching is essential for clearing your concepts and periodic tests help you to find your weaknesses and correct them. 

No i used to give only my coaching tests. My coaching was from Allen.

For theory the most important book was NCERT textbooks and my coaching modules.Other than that i did not read any other books for theory.

I used to solve NCERT and modules for all subjects.other than that i solved NCERT at your fingertips for biology ,HCV, fingertips, jee mains questions,D mukherjee for physics . for chemistry i solved MS chauhan (organic chemistry), VK jaiswal (inorganic chem), N awasthi (physical chemistry) and i also solved Exemplar in all subjects.   

Just read NCERT books as much as possible and make your concepts as strong as possible

Tackling NEET was based on the same strategy. 

Images in such questions are almost always from Ncert so just seeing these images a lot of times was enough to memorize answer these questions easily.

I used to attempt first all the easy questions and start my paper by first solving chemistry then physics and biology at the end.

I would advice them to do as many questions as possible,regularly give tests and analyse your mistakes so that you do not repeat them in future.Also revise every topic as frequently as possible and always keep yourself motivated to achieve your goal.  

Yes i have seen it for general knowledge and it is a good book but i did not have time so i never read it completely.

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