AIIMS 2015 - AIR -02


I was always determined to crack AIIMS. I had faith in myself. I am very spiritual, had belief in god. I was very weak by heart, could not face any loss in my studies, could not any bad results, but i had to be strong.
In AIIMS entrance exam the level of questions is warder, so the flukes can not get easily right. The competition is much greater and also the seats are only 672. This time there was out of NCERT questions too.
I was sensitive towards any rind of noise or disturbance , would become scared if any noise came .i even shifted my home to get peace but my luck was not with me , the flats in which i lived had renovation , so my whole room in which i studied was filled with noise. This made me feel low and i thought i would never make it to AIIMS, but worked harder and never gave up.
In my family there are no doctors so always there was a need for one. Also the profession passionate me. I always wanted to find a cure for cancer and fight cancer, so wanted to research and make cancer a warble disease
I scored 95%,English made my percentage very low, also i had maths which was also tough.
I did my coaching very seriously and did not paid much attention to school ,and my attendance was also short , but my school principal Arran get it for me. One should very seriously focus on coaching and should be set off with outer world for 2 years.
I gave more time to physics and chemistry. it made my concepts very strong. Later on equal time should be given to all subjects.
Determining the number of hours is not enough, it depends from person to person. What matters is efficiency rather than number of hours. one should study with 100% efficiency.
General studies for AIIMS are undeterminable. Only sky is the limit, but the current events are important. Indian my theology is also important. One cannot study this in last one month. But important is relatives (tallest, longest, deepest). Arihant publication is very good. One should try to remember the questions of their tests, as they are really helpful.
There is no time table to stick on your wall. I made time table in my mind, but never achieved it. So i was always busy, and had never free time.
It helped me a lot, the online test series was a benefit as AIIMS is a online examination. The general studies is also easily studied with help of internet.
Before the examination i had tears of not getting selected, but eventually came over it
Allen online test series and all India aakash test series.
No theory books, I read the notes given to me by my teachers were more than enough.
In physics and chemistry I did GRB and the modules of Aakash and Allen, in biology I did only the modules.
Nothing. It only gives you stress. Just give your best.
AIPMT was equally important, i scored very well (615/720) but it was cancelled. you should be more to cussed for AIPMT as it's syllabus is well defined.
In physics and chemistry there are less image based questions in biology just do NCERT thoroughly.
Do hard work and believe in yourself.
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