AIIMS 2017 AIR -06


I am Rishav Raj from Jhajha,Bihar.I have secured 96.5% in Xth Board(ICSE) ,AIR 6 in AIIMS,AIR 138 in NEET & AIR 15 in JIPMER and I'm interested in research activities.

AIIMS entrance exam is different from other exams in the sense that it includes Assertion -Reason based questions which are very important to test the logical brain of the student.

In the beginning , I faced difficulty in GK but later on I started reading Newspaper( because AIIMS has started giving priority to Current Affairs) to cope up with that.

No, I had no such influential part in my life that motivated me to take up medicine as a career.I dreamt of taking Medical Science since my childhood.

Apart from my school time,I managed to make time for self -study because self-study is most  important for a student.

Most important point of my study strategy was that I focused maximum in my classes so that most of the concepts are cleared in the classroom itself. I studied daily 4-5 hrs and in that time,I practiced as many questions as possible.

No,I had no timetable as such.I used to study as and when I wished to.

I didn't use internet,smartphones,social media,etc. in my 2 years of preparation.


If we desire to achieve something,we can't doubt ourselves otherwise that doubt will keep demotivating us from inside.

Yes,for getting a good rank classroom coaching is essential as a good coaching guides us ,keep us motivated and most importantly the support of Faculties can help us to achieve wonders.

For theory,I read NCERT and my notes.

For MCQs I have solved -

IIT Sheets of ALLEN for physics & chemistry

Physics-HC Verma

Organic Chemistry-  OC by Akshay Choudhary

Inorganic Chemistry- IOC & Vishal Joshi

While preparing for AIIMS,one must have in mind that all our concepts must be Crystal Clear.

As we prepare for AIIMS,the syllabus of AIPMT/NEET comes under it so I didn't have any problem in tackling that.

For image based questions,I used to visualise them in my mind and this helped me a lot in dealing with such kind of questions.

Focused & concentrated study and practicing many test papers.

Be focused & consistent in studies.Have cofidence in oneself and concentrate on your knowledge and not the results.

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