AIIMS 2016- AIR -18


Consistent hardwork, faithful prayers and the belief that i can do it

I am a person who loves playing all sports especially football and swimming and very passionate gamer also 

Compared to other medical entrances , AIIMS has tougher physics and chemistry problems, applied biology and the most important Assertion-Reasons type questions 

Fist of all, time is a limiting factor for AIIMS question paper, so had to do lots of question papers.

My parents are in the medical field and my father is a radiologist and I also want to become a radiologist

I scored an aggregate of 96% , physics I got 97 , chemistry I got 97 and in biology I scored 99

Actually my school was itself entrance oriented , so school time was entrance preparation time 

First became thorough with NCERT, then moved to my entrance coaching material. At last I did lots of question paper to improve my time 

I used study 6-7 hours in school days and about 10 hours during holidays 

Read newspaper regulalry and during the last 2 months going through a yearbook or any other GK book

I made a time-table which corresponded  to my entrance coaching institutes exam schedules to which I usually did not stick to.I still tried my best  

Nothing, I didn't use it for entrance preparation

Yes, I doubted my abilities. Contant prayers however gave me confidence 

Yes, it brings us in touch with other students. We get to know where we stand and also brings in the competitive mood

Yes, the one conducted by my coaching institute (prof. P.C Thomas classes)

For PCB i used  Resonance JEE and coaching class notes. And for Gk i used Aakash Gk book and newspaper

For whole PCB and Gk i used Resonance JEE, coaching class question papers and Pradeep for both physics as well as chemistry



  • Practice lots of Assertion-Reason type question to get the knack of solving them
  • Read news paper regularly


For me  AIPMT came 2 days after kerala entrance. Spent the two days doing lots of model question papers and going through important tables and formula's

No, I didn't took any special preparation 

  • Eat light food in the morning, remain calm throughout the time 
  • Don't talk to anyone in the exam hall
  • Use 1/3rd of time for first half, 1/3rd for second half and last 1/3rd for questions that you left 

Stay away from distractions like mobile phones, TV's as much as possible and respect your friends, parents and teachers. And at last work smart, don't waste time on unnecessary things 

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